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The Abundance Blueprint is the most complete system ever made for you to achieve an extraordinary life.  It’s development consists of over 4 decades of research in human achievement, and then combining the best of the best.  The best techniques & strategies from the world’s top teachers, the most effective time managers, the worlds biggest achievers, and the most successful millionaires & billionaires to give you absolute clarity and purpose so you can accomplish more, and achieve better, faster results with less effort!

Undeniable Proof That Anyone Can Easily Create An Abundant Life!

I created the Abundance Blueprint program for myself years and years ago, and it worked like a charm … both times!  You’ll want to read this story – it’s about how a depressed, drunk, suicidal multi-millionaire turned broke can help you create an extraordinary life of abundance for yourself.

Creating abundance is EZ, but perfect lives don’t just happen by accident​!

Which is why I want to tell you the story of my perfect life … that went horribly wrong!

At a very young age (I was probably somewhere between 8 and 10 years old) I started studying the top teachers in personal improvement & achievement.  My parents were not anywhere close to what would be considered “Abundant” but I had a friend whose parents were extremely wealthy (I was probably a little jealous) and I knew THAT was how I wanted to live when I grew up.

I mowed lawns, shoveled driveways, delivered newspapers – anything I could do to make enough money to buy self help programs, books, audio tapes, and anything else I thought would help me get the kind of life my friends parents were living.  I went though hundreds of these programs and books, spending a lot of money (especially for a kid) and a lot of  hours learning everything I could, and more importantly, what actually worked and what didn’t. 

As a teenager in High school, I would ask top CEO’s and successful business owners if I could hang out with them for a day just to see what they did – kind of a Take Your Kid to Work Day.  It took a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of trial and error, but it really paid off. 

I took the best of the best from what I learned from all these different people (the world’s best teachers, time mangers, biggest achievers, the most successful millionaires and billionaires, and more) and created my own personal program that allowed me to easily create an abundant life for myself.  Starting with a $600 loan, I became a multi-millionaire in my 20’s. 

Even after this, I never stopped my quest for learning better and more effective strategies for success, but now I could afford individual training sessions that cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars each.

Life felt perfect; I had a great house, a great car, I was engaged to be married, I was in excellent health, and had absolutely no worries about money – I was really happy!  I remember when I was 32, I was visiting my Mom having coffee, and said to her, “I’m sorry Mom, but I have to leave to get to work” and thinking to myself – I don’t want to leave.  I had plenty of money and didn’t exactly “love” my work so I decided to retire and spend more time on “life”!

One of my passions is Scuba Diving so I sold my business, house, cars, everything, and put the money into a highly accredited and endorsed investment bank with a team of financial advisors to manage it for me.  Now that I had plenty of free time, I started taking my entire family on Scuba Diving vacations all over the world. I purchased a house for my Mom and also one for my Brother with no mortgage loans.

I never carried much actual cash with me, just my bank card, but it was like having a magical card – I could do anything I wanted with it.  If I wanted to visit Hawaii or Hong Kong with my family, just put it on the card.  Even if I wanted to buy a new car – I could just use my card.  Due to my investment balance, my card was set initially with a $100k monthly spending limit (and I was told just to call if I needed it raised) and I never carried a balance so whatever I spent that month was automatically paid off in full from my bank account.   It was complete financial freedom!

Then one day back in early 2009 that I’ll never forget, all of sudden my card stopped working.  This was the year the US Government had to bail out all these banks and investment companies, but not mine.  It turns out it was a fake, and to make matters worse, the US Securities and Exchange knew the bank was a scam 12 years earlier, and didn’t do anything about it because it wasn’t good for their budget. 

Anyway, I lost everything in the blink of an eye, and went into a deep depression, even becoming suicidal.  Of course I lost all financial freedom, but there are other more important things in life such as health.  It wasn’t so much the money as it was TRUST.  If I make a bad business decision and lose money – it’s a learning mistake for me, but when you have your entire life savings stolen by the very people you trusted to be keeping it safe – it’s devastating!

It reminds me of this quote here by Billy Graham.  I know you can always make more money, but honesty & trustworthy are some traits that are very high up on my character list.  This situation made me lose faith in those traits existing in others.   I felt like I couldn’t believe or trust anyone.  It was like being in total darkness.

In addition, my mindset was all messed up because my thoughts were; why go to all of the trouble and effort of working hard to make more money when someone was probably just going to steal it again.  What was the point.  I didn’t have the strength to pick myself up and fight that battle.  I was in bad, bad shape to say the least.

I broke up with my fiancé over a little stupid white lie she told me that didn’t really matter – but I had lost my TRUST in her.  I had to drink myself to sleep every night.  Then eventually, I was trying to drink enough so I wouldn’t wake up the next morning – I just didn’t want to be here anymore.  Out of desperation, I started working as a Divemaster where people hired me to take them Scuba Diving – it didn’t pay much but at least I got to Scuba dive.  I lived in a hotel room for almost 4 years that was just $175 per month so that gives you a little idea of my living conditions.

I was miserable.  I realized that I couldn’t drink myself to death so I’m still waking up in the morning, and this is not the kind of life I want to live!  I decided to make it perfect again, and I went back to the program that I had made for myself that created the life I was missing so much; my Abundance Blueprint, and I used it to re-design my life again.  

I used it to change my mindset, my foundation, and my vision of life, and in a very short time my life was even better than before.  I started several online businesses which gave me the money to start my own Dive Shop, and then a fishing business that focuses on evasive species in the Caribbean that are very destructive to the environment (but they’re absolutely delicious!), and I built 5 rental apartments – all this with no loans!

Thanks to my Abundance Blueprint, my wealth has returned, and I was able to move out of the hotel, and build a custom tropical dream home.   I get to Scuba dive anytime I want from my private boat or just about 50 yards off my back deck.  I have an awesome, beautiful wife, and more – all starting from dead broke, drunk, and suicidal – so I’m living proof that anyone can create the life of their dreams with the right help.  Creating abundance in any area of life is just a matter of creating a blueprint to follow for it – it’s a simple recipe that anyone can follow.

Easily Create Abundance In All Ten Essential Categories Of Your Life

The Abundance Blueprint is packaged in a way to make it fun and easy for you to accomplish everything you want in life.  You’ll learn how to rewire your brain so that the abundance you want in your life has no choice but to materialize.  We all know people lose motivation, but the Abundance Blueprint will push you towards your dream life, and as you push towards that life, you’re desires will start to pull you and take over in your subconscious mind.

Business & Career
Health & Fitness
Abundant Lifestyle

The E-Z Process Of Creating Abundance


Each life category will start with a series of detailed questions that will uncover your true and honest feelings to discover where you're at in this particular area of your life and what's missing.


Once you know your starting point, you can easily build a solid foundation on which to build. We'll find and eliminate anything that may be holding you back from making your dreams a reality.


We then use comprehensive strategies & simple exercises that will take you deep into your subconscious mind and allow you to become crystal clear on what you want in this particular area of your life.


We'll rewire your brain with your true purpose in a way that creates a distinct passion and excitement in you so that the vision you have of your perfect life has no choice but to materialize.


With your Foundation, Vision, and Purpose completed, you'll now have a crystal clear blueprint of the personal actions and strategies needed to turn your dream life into reality.

The Abundance Blueprint is a personalized step-by-step proven formula to transform your ideal dream life into reality, and make it fun and easy for you to accomplish everything you want in life. 

In addition to the process above, you’ll form some daily rituals so you can obtain your desired outcome very quickly.  We’ll also give you a simple strategy so you can do those activities that you know you need to do, but maybe don’t really like doing, and also help you to stop procrastinating.  For example, maybe you know you should start exercising, but dread the thought of going to the gym – these simple strategies will start making you look forward to it.

Here are the 10 essential life categories that we’ll take you through:

Your Health & Fitness

Many of us struggle in this area of our lives which plays a critical role in all the other categories.  Your body carries you through life and improvements in this area will manifest improvements in all the other categories of your life.  True wealth is health. 

Your Personal Development

In this category, we’ll explore the mind and how to control it.  You’ll discover how to rewire your brain to make your mind work for you and not against you.  You’ll be able to focus and think clearly and create abundance in all areas of your life.

Your Character

Your Character will define who you are; how you handle relationships, family, friends, business & career decisions, and much more.  How you deal with stress and temptations.  You’ll learn how to turn your clearly desired character traits into habits to become the person you want to be.

Your Spiritual Life

Spirituality means different things to different people, and many people disagree on it’s meaning.  We’ll clearly define what it means to you and your specific beliefs so you’ll know the meaning and purpose of your life.  Spiritual clarity will give you the inner peace and enlightenment giving you a deep sens of who you are

Your Love Relationship

There’s nothing better than a great relationship.  It fills your life with love, romance, happiness, pleasure, and beautiful memories.  However, there’s nothing worse than a bad relationship that produces stress, anger, and pain.  You’ll discover your values and expectations in order to create an extraordinarily Love Relationship.

Your Family Life

We’ll examine your beliefs about family which can give us such incredible emotional and spiritual experiences and memories.  We’ll look closely at our relationships with parents, siblings, and distant relatives.  We’ll have a special focus on children if you have them.

Your Social Life

You’ll take a close look and evaluate your current friendships and social relationships to see which ones are contributing positively to your life and which may be contributing negatively.  You’ll learn how to recognize each and nourish the positive ones bringing them to new levels, and potentially eliminate the negatives ones.

Your Financial Life

Money is one of the most important factors that defines your overall quality of life.  You’ll get crystal clear on your true beliefs about money and wealth because for many people this part of their life is filled with confusion.  With the amount of time we all spend trying to make money, it’s important to understand how you can significantly improve your financial life.

Your Business & Career

Regardless of your career; CEO or Janitor or Business Owner or a stay-at-home-Mom, this area of our life takes up the majority of our time and attention.  Choosing something you’re passionate about can be one of the best decisions of your life.  This category of your life closely affects (and is affected) by the other categories.  You’ll examine your priorities, which includes more than just making money, and you’ll gain clarity and focus for choosing the business or career that is perfect for you.  We’ll spend extra time in this category to help you make more money while spending your time on something you’re passionate about – we call it “turning your Passion into Profits” and we focus heavily on it due to it’s importance.

Your Abundant Lifestyle

This is where all the other categories join together to create your total abundant life.  This is the pay off that we’ve all been working so hard and waiting for – it’s what makes life worth living.  This is where we take every specific category of our life and fuse them together to live our dreams!

Each category will be custom made for you and only takes a couple of hours to complete (a very small amount of time to invest in order to manifest your dream life!).  You can go through it at your own pace so you can take as long as you need.  If a couple hours is challenging for you, we have a strategy that will help you find the time.  Okay, you’re probably asking yourself how much is all of this is going to cost?  You know how much time and money I’ve spent creating this, and remember when I told you about how millions of dollars was stolen from me by people I trusted, and that loss of trust probably affected me more than the money so trust is a big issue for me.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the price and delighted that you can make your decision without having to trust anyone.

Get started on the first important category of your Abundant Life absolutely free.   I’m going to start you on your Financial Life because it has so much impact on all the other categories.  No deposit, no billing information, nothing – just check out the full category for free.  If you like it, if you think it improved your life, then you can decide to purchase your full & complete Abundance Blueprint.  I do this because I know from personal experience – I went from poverty to abundance to dead broke (not just dead broke – I was suicidal, started drinking around 9am, and nobody wanted to be around me – obviously) to abundance once again as soon as I went back to my Abundance Blueprint!  Get it – it’s free – It will change your life for the better – you have absolutely nothing to lose – except the ideal life you’ve always wanted if you don’t act now!

My Beutiful Wife, Kendi
Kendi & I At The Beach
View From My Bedroom Deck
Our View First Thing In The Morning
Diving In My "Backyard"
My Commute To Work
Another Successful Lionfish Hunt
Work Days End Early Here

Now the pictures above are just a small portion of what represents MY ideal life – the perfect life for YOU could be completely different (maybe you like the city life) but the beauty of the Abundance Blueprint is that it will work for everyone regardless of your dreams!

Seeing how the Abundance Blueprint gave me such positive changes when I was at my lowest, it’s now become my passion to share it with others – it’s become my purpose in life. 

Get Started For Free With Zero Risk & Zero Obligtion!

We’re going to give you full access to the first category module of the Abundance Blueprint absolutely free for a full week.  There’s no commitments, no deposit, no need to cancel anything if you don’t like it – you simply forget about it.

This way, you don’t have wonder “Hmm, if I don’t like it for some reason, can I trust these guys to refund my money?”  You know how I am about trust so after you’re done looking at it, if you absolutely loved it (like we know you will) THEN you can decide if you want to purchase the full course.  Fair enough?

After reviewing your Abundant Financial Life blueprint completely free, if you decide you want to purchase the other 9 blueprints, we have 2 different ways you can do that so you can decide which one you prefer if, and when you want to continue with the course.  Be sure to check out the bonus below which makes the entire course free!

The complete Abundance Blueprint is available for either is a single payment of just $97 or 3 monthly payments of just $39.95.  Either way, you can go through the course entirely at your own pace.  Once you’re finished with a blueprint, you simply continue on with the next one.  It also includes a lifetime of updates for all 10 blueprints.  Go ahead and check it out, I know you’re going to love it!

Start With Zero Risk & Zero Obligation

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Get The Complete Abundance Blueprint Absolutely Free!

One of my key beliefs for Financial abundance is to create assets to pay for as many luxuries as possible (liabilities, which are anything that does not produce an income for you like a fancy car).  For example, when I wanted to buy a boat which would be considered a luxury (it’s like the Ferrari of boats around here), I created an asset of 5 rental apartments, and the money from that pays for the boat.

Even better, I “borrowed” the money for the boat from myself at a very high interest rate which created a kind of “forced savings plan” which in essence also turned the luxury (liability) into an asset.  So along with the Abundance Blueprint, we want to give you an asset of a free online business that can easily pay for it, and much more.

So I should say “better than free” because you can make money with the Abundance Blueprint without having to sell anything to anyone!  Nobody likes hassling friends and family to buy things, but what about a service that is absolutely free, saves people money on over 500 million products/services, and generates an income?

It’s one of the online businesses I started to regain my Financial Abundance, and you get it free with the Business & Career blueprint.  For each person that signs up for the free service, you can receive a total of $55 in bonuses, plus a percentage of what they spend on their shopping activities from then on.  Whoever signs up can also get $20 in bonuses just as a “thank you” and then start saving money on just about everything they buy.

You can get more information on the Make Money page, but if you know just 2 people that would like to save money then your complete Abundance Blueprint is totally free!  In fact, you’ve already made a little profit!

Make Money With Your Abundance Blueprint

In Profits Has Already Been Received By People Just Like You!
Over $ 0 Million

Naturally, as people start thinking about their ideal life, one of the most needed resources in achieving their dreams is MoneyWhether it’s a better house, a better car, eliminating debt, traveling the world, starting a family – whatever is important to them – it usually always requires making more money!  We have yet to see a single person think about their Financial Goals in life & aspire for a lower paying job or to acquire less money.

In today’s world, many people are looking for an Online Business to bring in extra money.  It’s much cheaper than a conventional business, and with Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples products) you don’t need money for production, inventory, shipping, rent, payroll, customer service, etc.


Part of what we offer with the Abundance Blueprint is a 100% FREE service that saves people money on over 500 Million products from thousands of the most popular and trusted stores in the country such as Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot, (there’s thousands so way too many to list).  Even though the service is completely free, and the customer pays less using it, we still receive a percentage of the profit from all their shopping activities.  It doesn’t matter where they shop (a discount store or a high-end place) and they can save money either shopping online or physically in the store.  Even better, we don’t have to mess with anything (inventory, shipping, customer support, etc.) when making this money so let’s say someone wants…

A New Career

They may need a new suit, new dress, new shirt, new shoes, a briefcase, etc.  Maybe they need a computer, a printer, a desk, some software or other supplies. They save money and we make money.

To Start A Family

They may need a crib, stroller, car seat, baby monitor, bouncy seat, changing table, diapers, bottles, wipes, clothes, toys, formula, baby shampoo, etc.  They save money and we make money.

To Lose Weight

They may want a treadmill, a bike, weights or other equipment.  Diet pills, vitamins, protein shakes, nutrition bars - thousands of items are available.  They save money and we make money

To Travel The World

When they book their airline flights, cruise ships, hotel rooms, rental cars, or need luggage, backpacks, sunscreen, bug spray, and much more. - they save money and we make money.

They Save Money & We Make Money So It’s A Win-Win Situation

This means when customers start to use the free service to save money on what they need or want – you collect 100% of the profits!

Every Customer Then Becomes A Lifetime Customer For You!

The 100% profits you receive doesn’t only apply to what they purchase to improve their lives, it includes just about everything people purchase on a daily bases.  Household cleaners, paper towels, garbage bags, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, groceries, tools, automotive supplies – you name it! 

Best of all, you don’t have to do anything to make this extra money.  You simply set up a couple of free accounts online (this takes about 15 minutes) and then it completely runs on auto-pilot in the background of your life so as people shop as normal whether it’s at 2pm or 2am; you receive a percentage of the money they spend & you keep 100% of this profit so we don’t deduct or keep anything.

Turning Passion Into Profits!

This type of Online business may not be your life’s passion, but everyone loves to save money, and probably most people love to help others save money so this gives you an instant way of making extra money (over $13 million dollars is paid out each month) while helping others save money.  Your Abundance Blueprint will take you deeper into making money from your personal passions in the Business & Career category of your life if that’s one of your desires.
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