My Abundant Lifestyle

My Business

* I invest about 20hrs/wk in my business so I have enough time to enjoy other things in life

* My business generates a minimum of $100,000/yr so I have enough money to do whatever I want with whoever I want whenever I want.

* I have enough money so I’m able to ignore prices on what I want and help those I want without requiring anything in return.

* A relaxed, non-stressful work environment


I constantly get great reviews on Trip Advisor from the people that I take diving.  My passion for diving shows, and they’re always saying I’m the best Dive Master they’ve ever met.  Many of them come back diving here instead of new places because they know how well I take care of them. 

I’m so knowledgeable about the ocean and sea life (by researching my specific area and the fish/mammals we normally see here) that I can always answer any question people ask me. 

I record this information and listen to it while getting the boat ready in the morning.  I don’t mind loading all the tanks myself because it’s good exercise and I make it a special time. 

I treat the customers like my friends and feel like I’m on vacation with them so my “work” is very enjoyable.

My Character

Dependable / Upbeat & Positive / Organized / Resourceful / Disciplined / Focused / Passionate / Humble & Thankful / Forgiving / Determined / Respectful / Spiritual / Successful / Fun. Playful & Energetic / Charitable & Giving / Clean Cut & Well Dressed / Confident / Courteous & Friendly / Emotionally Strong / Helpful & Appreciative / Healthy, Happy & Strong / Calm & Relaxed / Honest & Truthful / Smart / Clever / Sincere, Caring & Loving / Ambitious / Transforming 


I’m completely dependable.  Everyone knows that I do what I say. 

I don’t involve myself in the “island gossip” and I never say anything negative about someone else. 

My time management has been perfected and I’m in control of everyday functioning to the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. 

Everyone enjoys being around me.

I’ve become extremely organized at work and home which has allowed me to become more focused on the important things in life.

I’ve become determined to increase my creativity at work to increase my service to others and allow me to increase my income which also increases my passion for work.

I show respect and love for others.


I’m in complete control of my emotions.  Every morning I wake up with an immense feeling of happiness and gratitude that puts me in the perfect state to have a wonderful day.

I’m feeling strong, confident, and content. 

I feel lucky to be able to dive every day.  What I used to only be able to do one or two weeks per year. 

I’ve put the past in the past so I don’t feel any signs of depression or anger anymore.  I’ve decided that I will come back even stronger

I want to have an emotional edge in life by being able to listen to, recognize, learn, and control my emotions.

I want to become a master at managing my emotions so I can flood my days with positive emotions of happiness and joy, love and compassion, confidence, self-esteem, sensuality, courage, empathy, to create and passion, fulfillment, and contentment.

I want my emotions to empower me to have the perfect attitude that permeates in everything I do, the way I talk, walk, dress, work, play, etc.

My Family

* To be consciously aware of my actions around children so I set a good example

* Be more of a Role Model for my Niece & Nephew


I’m talking with my family and relatives much more. 

I’m closer to Brian and Christie which has given them a boost in their careers and accomplishments. 

I’m visiting the US more often to see everyone in person.  I have a special budget just for visiting family.  We’ve planned vacations in other places where everyone can meet up together. 

My Financial Life

* I expect to be rich and successful. 

* I want to have a large spending budget and be able to save 20% of what I earn.

* I want to find that balance between saving and having a good time in my life

* I want the ability to help those around me without limitations or expecting anything in return.

* I want high respect and discipline with money so I manage it very well.


I’ve created several new programs that offer our customers much more value which has increased my income to a very comfortable level. 

It now allows me to budget for more travel, more family visits to the US, and the freedom to make the house a perfect living environment. 

My financial retirement is no longer in question. 

I’m able to help my family and friends without having to worry about the money which gives me a great feeling.

I can also afford to do more “fun” diving with Edgar and see things that aren’t on normal dive sites. 

I can now keep a car in the US so I have something to drive when I come on visits.

My Health & Fitness

* I look 15+ years younger than my physical age and feel 20 to 30 years younger.  My activity levels and capabilities are that of a healthy person ½ my age

* I am very lean, very strong, and have a perfectly portioned athletic build. 

* My body fat is impressively low. 

* I have a very complete and organized meal prep area that makes healthy eating very easy.   

* I’m exercising my entire body aggressively like when I was younger.

* I’m relaxed and sleep perfectly at night.

* I’m in perfect health with no illnesses or bad health habits.


My entire body is young, healthy, and extremely capable of doing whatever I want it to. 

People always guess my age is much, much lower than my actual age. 

I feel like I’m in my 20’s.  I’m strong and it shows.

I don’t have any illnesses, pains, or aches anywhere in my body.

My Love Life

* I want my relationship to contain many attributes, but the ones I want to concentrate heavily on are:

        Trust / Respect / Admiration / Kindness / Empathy & Understanding / Passion & Excitement

* I want to have a plan for how we want to handle different/difficult situations that come up from time to time.

* I want to focus every day on being the best person I can for her.  I will put her first!

* I want to commit and plan more time for My Girl.  This is important to her.

* I want to do more little things

* Focus on her needs:  Quality Time  /  Physical  /  Spiritual  /  Emotional


My girl and I are closer than ever before.  We’ve gotten out of our daily routine and added excitement and adventure into our lives. 

We spend time together every evening and of course, Sunday is our day. 

We treat each other with the utmost love and respect which has made both of us happier. 

We’ve spent more time traveling together and experiencing new places.

My Personal Growth

* I continue to expand my abilities and skills to accomplish anything I focus on

* I am constantly thinking how I can improve and do what I’m doing in a better way to become a better version of myself

* I speak Spanish flawlessly

* I know the specific areas of my work that allows me to improve the quality of service I provide

* I have an emotional edge in life by being able to listen to, recognize, learn, and control my emotions.

* I’ve become a master at managing my emotions so I can flood my days with positive emotions of happiness and joy, love and compassion, confidence, self-esteem sensuality courage, empathy, to create and passion, fulfillment, and contentment.

* My emotions empower me to have the perfect attitude that permeates in everything I do – the way I talk, walk, dress, work, play, etc.


My Spanish is perfect.  I can easily communicate with the native people.  I can switch back and forth from Spanish to English easily. 

I’m fully educated on the ocean and I know the reefs so I’m completely comfortable navigating a boat throughout the islands.

I’m knowledgeable on the latest website design technology and can navigate through everything comfortably which has allowed me to increase my income and enjoyment working on the computer.

I execute on my ideas, even if it means performing new uncomfortable skills, to create offers that help others and bring financial wealth, comfort, and security to myself.

My Social Life

* Friendships that are respectful, honest, and dependable.  I want friends that I can trust who would do anything for me, and in return, I would do anything for them.

* I don’t like confrontation so I like to be nice & friendly to everyone.  I don’t mirror my friends so even if I want to be successful, I can spend time and be around very unsuccessful friends.  It actually makes me work harder when playtime is over.

* Living on a small island, most all my close friends are very poor.  I want to be able to help the ones who are sincere to me with whatever I can without needing anything in return.  I have to be diligent because lots of people make up sad stories and/or try to trick and take advantage of my kindness and in that case, “I ain’t giving you shit!

* I want to make enough money so that it doesn’t come between friendships


* My Island friends have become busy and undependable (nothing I can do about that).  I can spend time with them when they’re available and try to host special events.

* I can spend time with other expats and I make plenty of money that I can make my own way around.  Jet ski or small boat or pitch in for rides with money/drinks/etc.

My Spiritual Life

* I will have a good relationship with God and connect with Him daily which makes me feel Spiritually connected to Him

* My relationship with God has grown immensely and I’ve become much more comfortable about it. 

* I enjoy meditating by the water to feel connected with nature and the universe.  Watching the sunrise and sunset also allows me to relax and connect. 

* I’m able to help my friends and family in any way I can for nothing more than inner joy.  I’m able to help the people and children on the island at Christmas time, with medical supplies, and take part in fundraisers which brings me a sense of closeness both with the community and my creator. 

Quality of Life

* My home is my most important asset.  I want the kitchen to project organization and function.  I want the bedroom to project love, passion, and romance.  I want the basement to project fun.  I want every room to project a sense of calmness.

* I want more experiences in my life with Friends & Family, and get out of routines

* I want to travel more with little Mini-Vacations, and even though I scuba dive for a living, I want to travel more


I’ve visited the popular dive sites that are on my list of places that once held me back because of the cost of the trip. 

I’ve also been able to see other sites by taking trips that didn’t involve diving. 

The house is surrounded by water, palm trees, and beautiful things.  A place where you can escape the outside world and all it’s confusion.  A place to relax and spend time on the important things in life.


It’s very comfortable and inviting.  Music is playing; the ocean waves are breaking in the background.  Cool breezes are coming in through the windows.

The sea can be seen from just about every room.  It’s beautiful and functional.  Candles are lit every evening.  Tropical plants and beautiful flowers decorate each room.

Outside on the deck, there’s a grill to use when friends come over to visit.


I wake up after a perfect night’s sleep. 

I go to the kitchen and make a nice cup of coffee and spend an hour on myself.

Afterwards, I spend another hour exercising.  Then I head out for another day of beautiful diving. 

The fun and passion is there because every dive is different.  Many people are seeing things for the first time, and having once in a lifetime experiences. 

When I come home, I clean up and spend some time stretching.  Then Dulce and I spend time and cook dinner together. 

After dinner, we both go out and relax while catching the sunset.  Soft, relaxing music is playing in the background as we unwind together