This simple exercise can have you feeling great from the very start of your day to the very end of your day – everyday!

Simply tell yourself, “I love …” to every little thing you encounter.  This will give you an incredible sense of gratitude, and it’s impossible to feel stressed out or angry or depressed when you’re in a state of gratitude.

Let me give you some examples; when I wake up …

I love this bed – what a great bed, and the pillows – wow!

I love these slippers – they’re so comfortable

I love this coffee – it is absolutely delicious

Time to get dressed …

I love these shorts – they’re perfect

I love these flip flops – they’re so comfortable

I love this shirt – it’s so soft

I love going outside – what a beautiful day

I love this breeze – it’s so refreshing

You get the point.  Try this out, and see how it makes you feel!