Are you rushing through life, but not getting anywhere?

More than just a goal setting program, the Abundance Blueprint is the most complete system ever made for you to achieve an extraordinary life.  It’s development consists of over 4 decades of research in human achievement, and then combining the best techniques & strategies from the world’s top teachers, the most effective time managers, the worlds biggest achievers, and the most successful millionaires & billionaires to give you absolute clarity and purpose so you can accomplish more, and achieve better, faster results with less effort!

Easily Create Abundance In All Ten Essential Categories Of Your Life

The Abundance Blueprint is packaged in a way to make it fun and easy for you to accomplish everything you want in life.  We’ll show you how to rewire your brain so you’ll become extremely excited so that the abundance you want in your life has no choice but to materialize.  We all know people lose motivation, but this excitement will push you towards your dream life, and as you push towards that life, you’re desires will start to pull you, and take over in your subconscious mind.

Business & Career
Family Life
Financial Life
Health & Fitness
Personal Growth
Social Life
Spiritual Life
Abundant Lifestyle

The E-Z Process Of Creating Abundance


Each life category will start with a series of detailed questions that will uncover your true and honest feelings to discover where you're at in this particular area of your life and what's missing.


Once you know your starting point, you can easily build a solid foundation on which to build. We'll find and eliminate anything that may be holding you back from making your dreams a reality.


We then use comprehensive strategies & simple exercises that will take you deep into your subconscious mind and allow you to become crystal clear on what you want in this particular area of your life.


We'll rewire your brain with your true purpose in a way that creates a distinct passion and excitement in you so that the vision you have of your perfect life will naturally start to manifest and materialize.


With your Foundation, Vision, and Purpose completed, you'll now have a crystal clear blueprint of the personal actions and strategies needed to turn your ideal dream life into reality.

I created the Abundance Blueprint program for myself years ago, and it worked like a charm … both times!  You can read all about it here, in  My Story

It’s about how a depressed, drunk, suicidal multi-millionaire turned broke can help you create an extraordinary life of abundance for yourself.

With The Abundance Blueprint, I Took $600 & Turned It Into $10M
Life is like a pizza! Just as a pizza is made up of several ingredients, so is your life. All the ingredients need to be included to have a truly amazing pizza (life)! That's why the Abundance Blueprint focuses on all 10 important areas of your life!

The Abundance Blueprint is a personalized step-by-step proven formula to transform your ideal dream life into reality, and make it fun and easy for you to accomplish everything you want in life. 

In addition to the process above, you’ll form some daily rituals so you can obtain your desired outcome very quickly.  We’ll also give you a simple strategy so you can do those activities that you know you need to do, but maybe don’t really like doing, and also help you to stop procrastinating.  For example, maybe you know you should start exercising, but dread the thought of going to the gym – these simple strategies will start making you look forward to it.

Here are the 10 essential life categories that we’ll take you through:

Your Health & Fitness

Many people struggle in this area of their life which plays a critical role in all the other categories.  Imagine how your life would change if you finally got the body you desired?  If you felt better and had more energy?  Your body carries you through life so improvements in this area will manifest improvements in all the other areas of your life.  True wealth is health. 

Your Personal Growth & Development

In this category, we’ll explore the intellectual and emotional parts of your life in a way you’ve probably never looked at them.  You’ll discover how to gain control over your mind and emotions to make them work for you, and not against you.  You’ll be able to focus and think clearly which will help create abundance in all areas of your life.

Your Character

Your Character defines who you are; how you handle relationships, family, friends, business & career decisions, stress, temptations, and much more.  You’ll learn how to turn your clearly desired character traits into habits to become the person you want to be.

Your Spiritual Life

Spirituality means different things to different people, and many people disagree on it’s meaning.  We’ll clearly define what it means to you and your specific beliefs so you’ll know the meaning and purpose of your life.  Spiritual clarity will give you inner peace, enlightenment, and a deep sens of who you are, and what’s your purpose.

Your Love Relationship

There’s nothing better than a great relationship.  It fills your life with love, romance, happiness, pleasure, and beautiful memories.  However, there’s nothing worse than a bad relationship that produces stress, anger, and pain.  You’ll discover your values and expectations in order to create an extraordinarily Love Relationship.

Your Family Life

We’ll examine your beliefs about family which can give us such incredible emotional and spiritual experiences and memories.  We’ll look closely at our relationships with parents, children, siblings, and other relatives.  We’ll have a special focus on children if you have them.

Your Social Life

You’ll take a close look and evaluate your current friendships and social relationships to see which ones are contributing positively to your life and which may be contributing negatively.  You’ll learn how to recognize each and nourish the positive ones bringing them to new levels, and potentially eliminate the negatives ones.

Your Financial Life

Money is one of the most important factors that defines your overall quality of life.  You’ll get crystal clear on your true beliefs about money and wealth because for many people this part of their life is filled with confusion.  With the amount of time we all spend trying to make money, it’s important to understand how you can significantly improve your financial life.  You’ll receive a free bonus that can instantly increase your abundance in this area of your life.

Your Business & Career

Regardless of your career; CEO or Janitor or Business Owner or a stay-at-home-Mom, this area of our life takes up the majority of our time and attention.  Choosing something you’re passionate about can be one of the best decisions of your life.  This category of your life closely affects (and is affected) by the other categories.  You’ll examine your priorities, which includes more than just making money, and you’ll gain clarity and focus for choosing the business or career that is perfect for you.  The bonus mentioned above will allow you to make extra money without requiring you to spend additional time working.

Your Abundant Lifestyle

This is where all the other categories join together to create your total life of abundance.  This is the pay off that we’re rewarded with for all the thinking, planning, and work – it’s what makes life worth living.  This is where we take every specific category of your life and fuse them together so you can live your dreams!

Each category will be custom made for you and only takes about an hour to complete (a very small amount of time to invest in order to manifest your dream life!).  You can go through it at your own pace so you can take as long as you need.  If time is a challenge for you, we have a simple strategy that will help you find extra time. 

Okay, you’re probably asking yourself how much is all of this is going to cost?  You know how much time and money I’ve spent creating this, and remember when I told you about how millions of dollars was stolen from me by people I trusted, and that loss of trust probably affected me more than the money so trust is a big issue for me.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the price and delighted that you can make your decision without having to trust anyone.

Get started on the first important category of your Abundant Life absolutely free.   You’ll start you on your Financial Life because it has so much impact on all the other categories.  No deposit, no billing information, nothing – just check out the full category for free.  I know from personal experience what it can do for you, so if you like it, and think it improved your life, then you can decide if you want to purchase your full & complete Abundance Blueprint

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