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Get Your Complete Abundance Blueprint Absolutely Free!

One of my key beliefs for Financial abundance is to create assets to pay for as many luxuries as possible (liabilities, which are anything that does not produce an income for you like a fancy car).  For example, when I wanted to buy a boat which would be considered a luxury (it’s like the Ferrari of boats around here), I created an asset of 5 rental apartments, and the money from that pays for the boat.

Even better, I “borrowed” the money for the boat from myself at a very high interest rate which created a kind of “forced savings plan” which in essence also turned the luxury (liability) into an asset.  So along with the Abundance Blueprint, we want to give you an asset can easily pay for it, and much more.

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It’s one of the online businesses I started to regain my Financial Abundance, and you get it free with the Business & Career blueprint.  It creates a win/win situation for everyone.  For you, each person that signs up for free and starts using the free service will generate an affiliate cash bonus for you of between $40 to $50, plus a percentage of what they spend on their ongoing shopping activities from then on.  For them, when they sign up, they’ll receive a $35 cash bonus (and a special free gift valued at $49) just as a “thank you” and then start saving money on just about everything they buy.

You can get more information on the Make Money page, but if you know just 3 to 4 people that would like to save money, then your Abundance Blueprint is completely free!  In fact, you’ve already made a little profit!

In addition to this, I’ll also give you another “surprise” online business absolutely free that can run 100% on autopilot for you which means you don’t have to manage it, you don’t have to promote or advertise it in anyway, in fact, you don’t have to pay any attention to it at all because it runs 100% on autopilot.