Make Money With The Life Planner

Naturally, as people start thinking about their ideal life, one of the most needed resources in achieving their dreams is Money!                       

Whether it’s a better house, a better car, eliminating debt, traveling the world, starting a family – whatever is important to them – it usually always requires making more money!  We have yet to see a single person think about their Financial Goals in life & aspire for a lower paying job or to acquire less money.

In today’s world, many people are looking for an Online Business to bring in extra money.  It’s much cheaper than a conventional business, and with Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples products) you don’t need money for production, inventory, shipping, rent, payroll, customer service, etc.

Part of what we offer with the Book of Life is a free service that saves people money on over 500 Million products from thousands of the most popular and trusted stores in the country such as Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot, (there’s thousands so way too many to list).  Even though the service is completely free, and the customer pays less using it, we still receive a percentage of the profit from all their shopping activities.  What does this mean …

Lets say someone wants a new career?  They may need a new suit, new dress, new shirt, new shoes, a briefcase, etc.  They save money and we make money.

Lets say someone wants to start a family?  They may need a crib, a stroller, diapers, clothes, toys, formula, etc.  They save money and we make money.

Lets say someone wants to lose weight?  They may want to purchase a treadmill, a bike, weights or other exercise equipment.  Maybe they want diet pills or vitamins, protein shakes, nutrition bars – there are thousands of products available.  Again, they save money and we make money

Lets say someone wants to travel more?  When they book their flights, hotels, rental cars, or need luggage – they save money and we make money.

You get the picture – it’s a win/win because they save money and we make money.  As a bonus when you complete the Business & Career module of your Life Planner, you’ll be approved as a free affiliate for the Life Planner.  This means that you can sell the Life Planner and receive 50% of the profits.  Best of all, when customers start to use the free service to purchase what they need or want – you collect 100% of the profits!  It doesn’t only apply to what they purchase to improve their lives, it included everything.  Household cleaners, paper towels, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, groceries – you name it!  Here’s a few highlights that we’ll go over in more detail:

Free Service - No Selling!

The service is completely free for people to use so you don't have to try and "sell" anything so it's completely passive income. All you do is put your website address out there for people to see which can be done anywhere; social media, blogs, email, etc.

Lots Of Free Benefits

Customers using the free service receive such benefits as cash back shopping, lowest price guaranteed, vast selection (over 500 million products from over 4,000 of the countries most popular and trusted stores) and other savings and discounts not found anywhere else.

Free Advertising!

You'll have absolutely no costs in operating this business. We'll provide you with several free advertising options that you can use to get your website address out to people so they can start enjoying the free service that saves them money while making you money.

Watch Your Income Grow

You make money 24/7 from all your customers shopping activities - forever! As more and more people use your free service, your income continues to grow. Over $1.7 Billion has already been paid out to people just like you. Next month, another $12+ Million will be paid out

This service is amazing because it’s completely free for people to use, and it’s guaranteed to save them money.  More importantly, they don’t have to change “what” they buy or “where” they purchase so there’s nothing you have to try and “sell” which makes it so easy.  For example, many women want cosmetics – that’s just a fact.  People make money with Mary K, but then you have to find people who specifically want Mary K products and are willing to pay the premium price for them.  With this service, it doesn’t matter what brand of cosmetics they like or where they buy them (discount or high end) all you need to find is someone who wants to save money – it’s that simple!

You’re provided with several free advertising options you can use to get your website address out to the general public (people you don’t know) so they can sign up for your free service. However, don’t forget about the people you know personally.  I know the saying; “I don’t want to bother friends and family!”  and I completely agree with that – IF you’re selling something they don’t want or need.  However, your business is different.  Wouldn’t you be a little upset if a friend or family member new of a free service that would save you money on just about everything you purchase and didn’t tell you about it?

Once they do sign up, they’ll start saving money and you’ll start making money on all their shopping activities – and it never ends.  This can give you an extra stream of income that will last a lifetime and you don’t have to do anything for it except introduce it one time – and it’s all yours as a free Life Planner affiliate.